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Mar. 26: Court Hears Gay Marriage Cases

Air date 03/26/13

1 - Mississippi Democratic Lawmakers in Mississippi are claiming the state has more than enough money to dramatically increase spending on education.  Early budget projections have the Mississippi Adequate Education Program - the state's K-12 spending formula - short about $292-million. Democrats held a public hearing Monday in an effort to show that the state could cover that gap if law makers choose to.  They recommend spending reserve funds - including the two percent set aside for future needs. Republicans have long-opposed spending down the state's reserve funds for education.  Democrat Representative John Hines of Greenville tells MPB's Jeffrey Hess that education has already taken a big enough hit.

2 - The Mississippi Department of Finance and Administration is releasing a letter recommending moving a major state department into the former Worldcom headquarters outside Jackson.  The department of revenue is currently in an outdated building and lawmakers want to move it to a more modern facility.  The DFA recommended signing a lease with the facility now known as The South Point Building.  The letter is a boost to House Speaker Phillip Gunn who has supported moving the DOR to that facility in his district.  Senator David Blount spoke with Jeffrey Hess on the issue.
3 - Two new measures approved by the State Legislature this session are aimed at putting more Mississippians to work. We'll hear about some workforce training funding in just a moment. But first, a bill signed by Governor Phil Bryant recently asks Mississippi employers to hire Mississippi veterans. Mark Henry is Executive Director of the Mississippi Department of Employment Security. He talks about the "Hire Mississippi Heroes" bill.
4 - This week the US Supreme Court will hear arguments in two cases about same-sex marriage. Joining us to talk about how the Court's decision could impact Mississippi is Matt Steffey, Professor of Law at the Mississippi College School of Law.

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