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Mon, March 25: School Discipline

Air date 03/25/13

1 - The Meridian Public School District is putting discipline practices into place that are meant to end discriminatory punishments for black students. The district entered into an agreement with the US Justice Department on Friday. Meridian schools have been accused of unfairly punishing black students with longer suspensions and even arrests for minor offenses. Dr. Alvin Taylor, Superintendent of Meridian Schools took the job two years ago and says he's fully cooperating with the Justice Department. He spoke with MPB's Daniel Cherry.

2 - Everyday Technology - Today we hear all about keeping your laptop in tip-top shape.
3 - The disconnect between girls and math and science is something educators have spent years trying to address. And it doesn't help that society isn't always in the girls' corner, either. In fact, the early '90s saw the Mattel company release a Barbie doll that told girls - over and over - "Math class is TOUGH!"  Enter: the National Society of Black Engineers and their SEEK program. SEEK stands for Summer Engineering Education for Kids, and this Summer's program in Jackson is being aimed specifically at African-American girls. Joining us with more are Dr. Carl Mack, NSBE's Executive Director, and Sade Ruffin, a member of NSBE's national board.  Dr. Mack starts by offering more details of the SEEK program.

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