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Fri, March 22: Gay Student Abuse?

Air date 03/22/13

1 - The Moss Point School District could soon face a federal lawsuit if it does not take immediate action to end what is being called pervasive gay bullying and harassment. It comes on the heels of an investigation by the Southern Poverty Law Center. SPLC attorney Sam Wolfe spoke to us about the allegations.

Destin Holmes was a junior high student in the Moss Point school district. She says being gay made her the target of insults and physical abuse from students. Even some teachers took part, according to Holmes, calling her an "IT".
2 - Hail damage could exceed more than $1 million at Mississippi's primary psychiatric hospital and a nearby facility for people with developmental disabilities. The Mississippi State Hospital at Whitfield and the Hudspeth Regional Center in Rankin County were hit hard by Monday's storm. In all, 19 counties were affected by the storm. Insurance Commissioner Mike Chaney talked to us about the extensive damage.
3 - Teneia Sanders is a singer/songwriter who is originally from Jackson. She's back in town to perform this weekend at the Yellow Scarf, a downtown performance venue in the Capital City. She joins us in the studio to talk about her life and career, and to give us a little Friday music.

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