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Wed, March 20: Iraq War Anniversary

Air date 03/20/13

1 - This week marks the 10 year anniversary of the beginning of the Iraq War. Major General Augustus Collins is now the Adjutant General of Mississippi, commanding both the Army and Air National Guard in the state. But in Iraq, Collins commanded 4,200 men and women in some of the most dangerous areas of the country.  Gen. Collins  talked about his experience with MPB's Daniel Cherry.

2 - At the onset of Operation Iraqi Freedom, William Watson was a leader in the anti-war movement on Mississippi's Gulf Coast. Now, ten years later, he tells MPB's Jeffrey Hess he still believes the war was a bad idea.
3 - Most education researchers and even many economists think high-quality Pre-K benefits children and communities.  But the effects are limited when programs just don't reach many kids. In Part Three of the Southern Education Desk series on Pre-K in the Deep South, Dan Carsen has more from Alabama, which has a highly-regarded program that reaches a fraction of the state's four-year-olds.
4 - Yesterday we heard from Yale University's Dr. Tamar Gendler on Unintentional Racial Bias. Today Dr. Gendler tells MPB's Ezra Wall that it's not just a topic of academic research. People can actually change their biases.

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