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Tue, March 19: Racial Bias

Air date 03/19/13

1 - A top credit rating agency is warning that Mississippi could potentially see a credit downgrade if the state does not expand its Medicaid program.  Moody's Investors Service says states will face "political and budgetary pressure" to cover the hospitals' loss of federal money for treating uninsured patients.  Governor Phil Bryant says he doesn't believe the state will be downgraded if Medicaid isn't expanded.

2 - For many students, Pre-K makes the difference between early elementary school success and failure. And while pre-K enrollment is growing across the nation - it's growing twice as fast in the South. But from the Southern Education Desk, Christine Jessel reports cash-strapped Southern states are left holding a big bill in economic tough times.  That makes the fledgling programs easy targets for legislative budget cuts.
3 - Racial bias is something virtually no one would claim in polite society. But experts say it affects people even when they think it doesn't. Dr. Tamar Gendler is Chair of the Department of Philosophy at Yale University. She studies UNINTENDED racial bias, and is visiting Mississippi to discuss the issue at Millsaps College in Jackson. She spoke with our Ezra Wall.
4 - According to the Mississippi State Department of Health, as many as six out of every thousand children will be affected by autism. But not all of those cases are the most severe. Joining us with more on the autism spectrum is Dr. Susan Buttross of the University of Mississippi Medical Center. She starts by explaining the disorder.
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