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Mon, March 18: More K-12 Funding

Air date 03/18/13
Pre-Kindergarten education is a hot topic. In his State of the Union address, President Barack Obama made it a priority- then took to the road, touring the south to sell the idea.   But skeptics abound, including Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal.  This week the Southern Education Desk will examine the value of Pre-K. Today, we have a 2-part report, from LaTonya Turner in Nashville and Annie Gilbertson in Jackson.
Last week the Mississippi Senate passed two bills that would change the way public schools are funded in the State. The first bill would adopt a statewide standard for judging attendance. The second would reevaluate funding every year, instead of every four years. But how would the state's educators feel about these change? Joining us to discuss just that is Kevin Gilbert, President of the Mississippi Association of Educators.
Everyday Technology discusses the impending departure of Google Reader. What will replace it? Kevin and Ashley have the 411. 

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