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Tue, March 12: Hospitals Waver

Air date 03/12/13

1 - Mississippi Hospitals are backing away from their call for full Medicaid expansion.  The Mississippi Hospital Association says they expect certain Federal payments to hospitals to be cut as part of the Affordable Care Act. Those funds are intended to be made up by the Medicaid expansion. But Association officials told Governor Phil Bryant last week as long as funding can be recouped, it doesn't have to be through Medicaid expansion.  Chris Anderson is CEO of Singing River Hospital in Pascagoula. He spoke with MPB's Jeffrey Hess.

2 - A bill before the Mississippi House of Representatives would keep public officials accused of embezzlement from reaching settlements that would eventually clear their record of wrongdoing.  Senate Bill 2625 is intended to prevent cases like that of Tina Parker. She's a former Indianola court official who pled guilty to stealing more than $51,000. After probation and restitution, Parker's record will be wiped clean, allowing her to once again apply for state employment.  Parker will serve no jail time.  State Auditor Stacey Pickering is asking the House to act on the bill before a key Wednesday deadline. He spoke with MPB's Ezra Wall about the measure.
3 - Workplace 101:  Smart Solutions for conveying your professional side at work.
4 - Fifty years ago this year Joan Trumpauer-Mulholland was involved in a historic lunch counter sit-in at the Jackson Woolworth's store. She had recently transferred to Tougaloo College from Duke University. Her story is the subject of a documentary by her son, filmmaker Loki (LOW-kee) Mulholland. The film is called "An Ordinary Hero: The Story of Joan Trumpauer-Mulholland." They spoke with MPB's Ezra Wall.

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