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Mon, March 11: Medicaid Reform

Air date 03/11/13
1 - A group of Mississippi hospitals are expected to call on state lawmakers to expand the Medicaid program today.  State hospital administrators are warning that without the additional 300-thousand people in Medicaid, they will be forced to cut services and lay off staff.  Gwen Combs with the Hospital Association says that is because the health care reform law calls for a reduction in federal support for hospitals that serve lots of uninsured patients.
State lawmakers have the option whether or not to expand the program. Leading Republican lawmakers have spoken against Medicaid expansion saying the state cannot afford the additional cost.  In fact, the House Medicaid committee today will hear testimony from the Foundation for Government Accountability. That organization advocates against Medicaid expansion and for other changes to the Medicaid system. Joining us from FGA is their Vice President for Policy, Christie Herrerra.
2 - Everyday Technology
3 - Caroline Rose and Jer Coons make up the musical duo, Caroline Rose. They're making their way from their home base in Vermont to play at the South-by-Southwest festival. Along the way they're singing for their supper, so-to-speak. Doing a few small shows to pay the way. Joining us now to talk about the journey - and their musical journey - are Caroline Rose and Jer Coons.

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