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Wednesday, 3/5

Air date 03/05/14
Segment 1:
Another key deadline has come and gone in the State Legislature.  Here to talk about it, and run down the measures still moving toward passage, is MPB's Jeffrey Hess.
Segment 2:
A measure that would give teachers a $2,500 pay raise could be put before the Mississippi Senate as early as this week. The Senate Education Committee approved a plan yesterday, that would give teachers in Mississippi an across the board pay raise as early as this July. Committee Chair Republican Senator Gray Tollison of Oxford says the ultimate goal of the plan is to attract more of the state's young people into the profession.  Tollison spoke with MPB's Paul Boger.
House Democratic Leader Bobby Moak says the Senate bill is an improvement on the measure passed by House Republicans...
Segment 3:
Mississippian Fred Haise was part of the harrowing Apollo 13 mission in 1970.  MPB's Evelina Burnett caught up with Haise recently after a presentation to a group of college students.  He says he's disappointed to see the United States scale down its space program.

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