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Tue, Feb. 19th: Live Shooter

Air date 02/19/13

1 - Using rubber bullets and fictitious scenarios, school officials in Madison County are using "active shooter" drills to learn how to respond to situations like the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting late last year.  Fighting a fierce afternoon wind, Madison County Sheriff Randy Tucker explained the rationale for yesterday's exercise.

2 - Starting March 1st, anyone receiving any kind of benefits from the Federal Government will have to do so electronically. That means either set up a direct-deposit arrangement with a local bank or credit union, or get the funds in the form of a debit card from the Government. Felicia Lyles is with the Mississippi-based HOPE Credit Union. She talks about why seniors, the disabled and others might prefer working with a LOCAL institution. Lyles also talks about HOPE's mission to offer financial services to those who don't qualify at a traditional bank.
3 - Workplace 101 - Getting the salary you deserve
4 - Each year the Governor's Arts Awards are presented to authors, musicians, actors and others who promote Mississippi's rich artistic heritage. With the Awards being presented later this week, we'll hear from each of the recipients. Today it's the Bay St. Louis Little Theater, and Pulitzer Prize-winning writer Beth Henley.  First, Cheryl Grace of the Bay Little Theater talks about the history of her organization.

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