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Tuesday, 2/18

Air date 02/18/14
Segment 1:
The University of Mississippi is offering a 25-thousand dollar reward for information leading to the arrest of two men involved in a race incident on the Ole Miss campus on Sunday. Sandra Knispel has more from Oxford.
Auto workers at a Volkswagen plant in Tennessee voted Friday evening not to establish a union at that facility.  But how could that affect pro-union efforts across the South, particularly at the Nissan plant in Canton, where the United Auto Workers and others have invested a lot of time and money promoting the possibility of a union?  Derrick Johnson is President of the Mississippi NAACP.  He tells MPB's Ezra Wall the vote in Tennessee is actually a GOOD sign for his movement.
Claude Potter has been working at the Nissan plant in Canton for over 10 years.  He tells our Ezra Wall he's satisfied with the wages and working conditions at Nissan.  Potter says he doesn't see how paying dues to a union would provide any benefits he doesn't already get.
For its part, Nissan said in a written statement that they do not comment on the internal matters of other companies. 
This week James Cotton will receive the Lifetime Achievement award at the Governor's Arts Awards.  Cotton has considerable difficulty speaking, but he did talk to the Mississippi Arts Hour about turning on his mother's radio, and hearing his eventual mentor - Sonny Boy Williamson Two - for the first time.
The Mississippi Arts Hour's Larry Morrisey spoke with Scott Baretta, longtime host of Highway 61 here on MPB.  Baretta talked about James Cotton's development as a musician, and his time with the legendary Muddy Waters.
You can hear the Governor's Arts Awards live on MPB Think Radio this Thursday at 6 p.m.  You can hear Larry on the Mississippi Arts Hour every Sunday afternoon at 3.  And of course Scott Baretta is on Highway 61 every Saturday night at 10 here on MPB Think Radio.

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