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Friday, 2/14

Air date 02/14/14
Segment 1:
Mississippi Lawmakers are seeking to ban abortion at 20 weeks of pregnancy.
The house approved a bill to set the new lower limit by an 89-to-22 vote.  Joining us with more on this bill, and an important legislative deadline that passed yesterday, is MPB Capitol Reporter Jeffrey Hess.
Segment 2:
Mississippi’s entire Congressional delegation voted in favor of a bill - now heading to the White House - to restore cost-of-living cuts to military pensions. The cuts were part of the bipartisan budget agreement passed last year and would affect military retirees younger than 62.  Mississippi's 4th District Congressman Steven Palazzo, a member of the House Armed Services committee and a National Guardsman, says it was the right move. He spoke with MPB's Evelina Burnett.
Segment 3:
For over 40 years, Leslie Silver has run "The Attic" gallery in Vicksburg.  Next week Silver will represent "Arts in Community" at the Governor's Arts Awards.  Allison Winstead of the Mississippi Arts Hour spoke with Silver about her gallery, her career, and winning the Governor's Arts Award.
The Governor's Arts Awards will air LIVE on MPB Think Radio next Thursday evening.
Of course, you can hear The Mississippi Arts Hour every Sunday afternoon at 3, right here on MPB Think Radio.

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