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Thurs, Feb. 14th: New Wage?

Air date 02/14/13

1 - Some 58,000 Mississippians could see their wages increase by $1.75 an hour. That's if a minimum wage increase touted by President Barack Obama this week is adopted. State Senior Economist Dr. Marianne Hill spoke with MPB's Lawayne Childrey. She spoke about how a minimum wage increase would affect Mississippians. Also, Dr. Nicolas Hill is assistant professor of economics at Jackson State University. He also spoke to Lawayne Childrey, and says Mississippi's high poverty rate means a minimum wage increase could help our state even more.

2 - According to the most recent data released from the Mississippi State Department of Health, Mississippi’s African Americans remain most likely to be diagnosed with HIV infection.  Dr. Nicolas Mosca is director of the HIV and STD department at MSDH. He tells MPB's Ezra Wall widespread testing is an important part of the solution.
3 - Depending on who you ask, Mississippi's strongest connection to literary greatness could be William Faulkner. In his new book, "Above the Treetops," author Jack Sacco explores the friendship shared by Faulkner and the young boy, Bobby Little.

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