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Mon, Feb. 11th: Pine Belt Tornado

Air date 02/11/13
1 - Residents shaken by a tornado that mangled homes in Mississippi are waking up Monday to a day of removing trees, patching roofs and giving thanks for their survival. More than a dozen in the state were injured.  Daylight also offers emergency management officials the chance to get a better handle on the damage that stretched across several counties. Gov. Phil Bryant plans to visit hard-hit Hattiesburg, where a twister moved along one of the city's main streets and damaged buildings at the governor's alma mater, the University of Southern Mississippi.  Joining us with more on the storm is Greg Flynn with the Mississippi Emergency Management Agency.
2 - The Salvation Army has deployed to the storm-damaged area to provide meals to those who need them. Joining us from the Salvation Army is Mark Jones.
3 - Hattiesburg is of course home to the University of Southern Mississippi. In the aftermath of yesterdays devastating storm, many alumni from around the state are concerned for their Alma Mater. Late last night, MPB's Daniel Cherry spoke with Dr. Joe Paul, Vice President for Student Affairs at USM. Dr. Paul says the damage was bad, but it could have been much worse.
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