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Thurs, Feb. 7th: Gay scout leaders?

Air date 02/07/13

The Boy Scouts of America is delaying a decision on whether to change the organization's policy of excluding gay scouts and gay scout leaders. Though always standard practice, the policy became official with the release of a 1991 statement of belief on the issue. In a letter to his supporters, Gulf Coast Republican Congressman Steven Palazzo expressed support for the Scouts' current policy. Though he only had a brief moment to do so, the Congressman agreed to speak to MPB's Ezra Wall about the issue, saying he feels strongly about it because he, himself, is a former Scout.

Yesterday was National Signing Day for high school football players making the jump to the N C Double A. Perhaps the biggest surprise of the day came when the nation's number one recruit, Robert Nkemdiche, signed on to play at the University of Mississippi. MPB's Jay White and Ezra Wall spoke about Signing Day in Mississippi.
This week's Book Club selection comes just in time for everyone struggling to keep their New Year's weight loss goals on track. It's called "Thinner This Year: Lose Weight Now, Keep it off Forever." It's authors are Chris Crowley and Jen Sacheck, who joined us in our studio. Chris talks about what he says sets this new book apart from other diet books.

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