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Thursday, 2/6

Air date 02/06/14
Segment 1:
Hundreds of bills remain alive following the first major deadline of Mississippi's 2014 legislative session.  Joining us with more of the details is MPB's Capitol Reporter Jeffrey Hess.
For more on this week's legislative activities, make sure to tune into MPB's @Issue Thursday nights at 7 on MPB TV.
Segment 2:
Mississippi teachers are another step closer to receiving a pay raise. The House spent hours debating a bill that the now heads to the senate for for further consideration. MPB's Paul Boger reports.
Governor Phil Bryant has declared February as Voter Registration Month.  The governor signed the proclamation during a brief ceremony yesterday at the capitol. Bryant says the goal is to remind Mississippians that the key to democracy lies with voting.
Secretary of State Delbert Hosemann says Mississippi's level of voter registration is not much different from our neighboring states.
State Democratic Party Chairman Ricky Cole also attended yesterday's event.  He says getting people signed up to vote is - and should be - a bipartisan issue.
Segment 3:
This week's Book Club selection is a work of fiction.  But author Kristin von Kreisler says she drew on so many of her real life experiences to write it.  It's about the kind of life-changing relationship that develops between certain people and their animal companions.  Kristin von Kreisler spoke to us about her new book, "An Unexpected Grace."

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