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Tue, Feb. 5th: Human Trafficking

Air date 02/05/13

1 - A bill before the House Judiciary B committee seeks to stiffen the penalties associated with human trafficking in Mississippi. The bill, HB 673, would clarify the definition of human trafficking and alter some of the penalties currently associated with the crime. Heather Wagner is director of the Domestic Violence division of the Attorney General's office. Sandy Middleton is Executive Director of the Mississippi-based Center for Violence Prevention. Middleton compares the practice of human trafficking to the slave trade of old.

2 - Mississippi sits in the middle of a deadly tornado zone, and officials are urging residents to prepare now before tornado season heats up. The likelihood of tornadoes increases rapidly mid-February through April.  The Mississippi Emergency Management Agency and the National Weather Service will conduct a statewide tornado drill Wednesday morning. Governor Phil Bryant declared this week as Severe Weather Preparedness Week statewide.  MPB's Daniel Cherry caught up with MEMA Executive Director Robert Latham, who says there are a couple times of year for Mississippi families to be especially weather aware.
3 - Workplace 101
4 - Coming up tomorrow on Mississippi Edition: Renowned composer David Amram is spending the week in residence at Millsaps College in Jackson. Amram is perhaps most widely known for composing the score for the Frank Sinatra film, The Manchurian Candidate. In our conversation, which will air on tomorrow's program, the eclectic composer talks about what makes him write music.

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