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Tuesday, 2/4

Air date 02/04/14
Segment 1:
The house education committee has approved potentially a $4,200 raise for Mississippi teachers. The plan would phase in the increase over the next four years and tie the raises to certain benchmarks for more experienced teachers.  House Speaker Philip Gunn explained the bill at a press conference yesterday afternoon.
Senator Hob Bryan says teachers do deserve a raise.  But not the way the Speaker has outlined.
Segment 2:
Advocates of Obamacare are pushing state leaders to add many of the working poor to the Medicaid rolls as part of the affordable care act.  As you'll hear later, there are even petitions going around promoting the cause.  But one report says adding to the Medicaid rolls may not guarantee those patients access to a regular primary doctor.  The study is published in this month's Southern Medical Journal.  The author is Dr. Ronald Cossman of Mississippi State University's Center for Health Workforce.  He joins us now.
Segment 3:
From the beginning, leaders in Mississippi have been opposed to expanding Medicaid as part of the Affordable Care Act.  They often say either that healthcare is not the responsibility of the government, or that it's just too expensive.  But a Southaven man is taking action anyway.  It's a small action - one he himself admits is not likely to make a difference.  Kim Walker started an online petition advocating for Medicaid expansion in Mississippi.  He talked to our Jeffrey Hess about why he did it.

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