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Mon, Feb. 4th: Foster Care

Air date 02/04/13

Mississippi's foster children suffer the highest rate of abuse-in-care in the country. That's according to the child advocacy organization, Children's Rights. As part of a settlement to a case brought in 2004, the State agreed to make changes in various aspects of its foster care system. According to the court-appointed monitor on the case, those benchmarks are not being met. Miriam Ingber is an attorney with Children's Rights. She tells MPB's Ezra Wall why she thinks the State is not on-pace to meet this year's goals.

Twenty percent of kids diagnosed with mental health issues aren't treated, according to Dr. John Damon of Mississippi Children's Home Services. Damon spoke to MPB's Daniel Cherry at the Capitol. He says raising awareness for the needs of children is like exposing mold to the light of day: it fixes the problem.
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