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Friday, 1/31

Air date 01/31/14
Segment 1:
The US  Senate has passed a bill that would delay some of the massive rate hikes stemming from the 2012 flood insurance reform act. Both of Mississippi’s senators voted in favor of the bill, which passed 67 to 32.  Senator Roger Wicker says the bill is essentially a “time-out.”   It would delay implementation of some parts of the reform act until mapping methods used by the FEMA are completed and tested for accuracy.  Senator Wicker spoke to our Evelina Burnett.
A bill intended to slow the ballooning cost and size of Mississippi's prison population is moving forward in the state legislature. A house committee approved the reform package which institutes tougher penalties for some offenders while also extending more freedom to judges to assign alternative sentences that don't involve jail time.  Representative Andy Gipson is the bill's author.  He spoke with MPB's Jeffrey Hess.  Among those opposing the corrections reform bill is Representative Charles Young, Junior.  He tells our Jeffrey Hess why he thinks the bill is a bad idea.
Segment 2:
After years of negotiation, a new Farm Bill is finally making its way through the United States Congress.  The House of Representatives passed the measure this week, and Senate approval is expected early next week.  The two main parts of the bill are food assistance - which was cut by $8 billion  - and agricultural subsidies.  Joining us to talk about how changes to the agriculture subsidies could affect Mississippi farmers is Dr. John Michael Riley.  He's an Extension professor at Mississippi State University, and spoke with our Ezra Wall.
Segment 3:
The name Ray Guy has been respected by football fans in Mississippi and beyond for decades.  But in spite of being widely recognized as the best punter in the history of pro football, the Hattiesburg resident is still not in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.  That could change this weekend when the Selection Committee will take up Ray Guy's name one more time.  Rick Cleveland of the Mississippi Sports Hall of Fame talked about Guy with our Ezra Wall.

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