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Thurs, Jan. 31: New MPB Show

Air date 01/31/13

1 - The Mississippi Legislature is considering many measures this week, dealing with education to gun laws and everything in between. Joining us for a closer look is MPB's Capitol Reporter, Jeffrey Hess. He tells our Ezra Wall about some of the main issues facing legislators this year.

2 - Mayors from across Mississippi are once again pleading their case to the legislature to allow a one percent local sales tax for specific projects like roads and parks. Local leaders are calling for the Citizens for Economic Development Act.  Eddie Fulton is the mayor of Quitman.
3 - Anti-drunk driving advocates are asking for a new law to keep drunk drivers from even starting their cars.  The measure would require anyone guilty of drunk driving to install a device called an ignition interlock, which would prevent a car from starting if the operator has been drinking.  Alan Weatherford is Chief of Police in Gulfport. He talks about why the measure is important to him.
4 - Last weekend viewers of the popular PBS television program, Downton Abby, were shocked by the sudden death of one of the series main characters. The character, Lady Sibyl Branson, died of eclampsia shortly after giving birth. Joining us with more on the serious health condition is Dr. James Martin of the University of Mississippi Medical Center. He spoke with MPB's Ezra Wall.
5 - Churches are often associated with social service work like feeding the hungry and sheltering the homeless. But as education in the South has lagged, especially in high-poverty communities, more churches have stepped in and begun educating students. Religious groups take over where schools leave off---  after hours, on weekends, and during the summer.  Southern Education Desk reporter Christine Jessel has the story behind one faith-based program serving inner-city youth in East Tennessee.

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