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Thursday, 01/30

Air date 01/30/14
Segment 1:
Five people have died this week as a result of the wintery weather - four in a fire in Itawamba county on Tuesday and one in a car accident in Smith county.  From midnight Monday to 12 last night, the Mississippi Highway Patrol received reports of hundreds of car accidents in the southern half of the state.  Joining us with what is hopefully one last update on our dangerous, ice-covered roadways is Warren Strain, spokesman for the Mississippi Department of Public Safety.
Segment 2:
When the Federal insurance exchange was designed as part of Obamacare, customers had to reach a certain income level in order to qualify.  The Government  assumed  that the coming expansion of Medicaid would ensure that everyone below that income level was covered.   But a Supreme Court decision allowed states, including Mississippi, to opt out of that Medicaid expansion.  That created what's called a coverage gap - where the very poor are covered by Medicaid, and some low-income employed people qualify for subsidies on the insurance exchange.  But many of the working poor qualify for neither option.   Dr. Tim Alford is a physician in Kosciusko.  He says many of his patients would greatly benefit from that missing access to insurance.  He spoke to Southern Remedy's Dr. Rick deShazo.
Mississippi lawmakers could be moving toward putting more Medicaid recipients into the state's managed care program. MPB's Jeffrey Hess reports the three year old program has already drawn passionate resistance.
Segment 3:
The disabled community has one of the lowest job rates in the entire country.  Just 19% of people with disabilities have a job.  Sometimes disability does keep people from being able to work.  But often, employers just don't realize how capable potential employees with disabilities are.  Adam Todd is director of the Governor's Job Fair in Mississippi.  They're holding a special event today at the Agriculture and Forrestry Museum in Jackson.  It's called EmployAbility  - and it's a job fair specifically geared toward Mississippi's disabled community.  Adam Todd spoke with our Ezra Wall.

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