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Tue, Jan. 29th: GoCoast 2020

Air date 01/29/13

1 - The Mississippi River remains closed to barge and ship traffic as cleanup crews with booms work to remove an oily sheen near Vicksburg.  Early Sunday, a barge with 80,000 gallons of oil hit a railroad bridge causing the spill.  A pollution cleanup crew has collected more than 1,100 gallons of oily water since the spill occurred.

2 - A new report sets out plan State leaders hope will lead to effective spending of incoming RESTORE Act funds. The GoCoast 2020 commission released its final report yesterday, outlining several key areas where they think future funding would be spent most effectively. Alice Perry is Deputy Director of the Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality. She tells MPB's Ezra Wall how future projects will be funded.
3 - This month marks the 40th anniversary of Roe vs. Wade - possibly the most divisive Supreme Court decision of our time. For its part, Mississippi remains one of the most difficult places in the country to get an abortion. Even now, the state's only abortion clinic faces closure because it has not met a new law requiring local hospital admitting privileges for its doctors. 
To mark the anniversary, we'll hear from both sides of the argument. First, Terri Herring of the Pro Life America Network. She answers the question: what does Roe vs. Wade mean to you?.
On the Pro-choice side of the conversation is Diane Durzis, president of the Jackson Women's Health Organization, Mississippi's only remaining abortion clinic. She also answered the question: what does Roe vs. Wade mean to you?.

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