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Mon, Jan. 28: Bill Anti-Feds

Air date 01/28/13

1 - A bill filed by Republicans Gary Chism and Jeff Smith seeks to form the Joint Legislative Committee on the Neutralization of Federal Laws. Chism says it's a response to President Obama's federal health care overhaul and proposals to address gun violence.  He spoke with MPB Capitol Reporter Jeffrey Hess.

2 - An Incident Review Committee at the University of Mississippi has released a report on the racially-motivated election night upset on the Oxford campus.  On the night of November 6th, after President Obama won a second term, black and white students clashed verbally. Racial slurs were hurled at the African American students, including the n-word. Brandi Hephner-LaBanc is the Ole Miss vice chancellor for student affairs. She spoke with MPB's Sandra Knispel about the findings and recommendations, including what will happen to the 16 students who are being referred for possible sanctions.
3 - Everyday Technology - to send a comment or question to Ashley and Kevin, email
4 - Some workers at the Nissan plant in Canton are continuing to call for a vote on whether to establish a union. The group is assisted by the United Auto Workers and a community organization called the Mississippi Alliance for Fairness at Nissan. Joining us are Nissan employee Morris Mock, and Alliance member, Pastor Horace McMillan. Mock says there are many reasons he wants to unionize.

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