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Thursday, 1/23

Air date 01/23/14
Segment 1:
Governor Phil Bryant says he wants to continue to focus on Mississippi's growing economy. Standing before a joint session of the Legislature last night, Bryant delivered his third state of the state address to a mostly supportive - if sparse - House Chamber.  Joining us with his comments on the speech is veteran journalist Charlie Mitchell,  Assistant Dean of the Meek School of Journalism at the University of Mississippi.
Segment 2:
The largest civil rights group seeking equality for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people is praising the City of Starkville this week.   They've become the first Mississippi city to pass a resolution making it clear that the city is intolerant of discrimination against anyone and in any form -  including  sexual orientation.  Chad Griffin is president of the Human Rights Campaign.  In a statement Tuesday he thanked the city's Board of Alderman for passing an equality resolution and becoming the first municipality in Mississippi to "recognize the dignity of its LGBT residents."
Parker Wiseman is the Mayor of Starkville.  He spoke about the new policy with MPB's Ezra Wall.
Segment 3:
A little over a year ago, three guys who knew each other forever decided to turn their occasional band into a full-time gig.  They started taking writing seriously, and practicing like they meant it.  An LP and an album later, Mission South was on tour - making a go of it.  As of Monday, the year-long experiment is over.  The band - like so many others - broke up.  But before they did, John Beck, Dan Miller and Max Harwood stopped by our studio.

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