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Mon, Jan. 21: Inaugural/ MLK Day

Air date 01/21/13

1 - A heavy and steady stream of people is flooding the National Mall this morning, but there isn't the same early morning crush of humanity there was at this time four years ago for President Barack Obama's first inauguration. The President is expected to deliver his second inaugural address at several hundred thousand people. Joining President Obama on the dais will be Myrlie Evers-Williams. The wife of slain civil rights leader Medgar Evers will offer the invocation. It will be the first time the prayer is said by a woman, and the first from a non-ordained person. Reena Evers-Everett spoke to us about her mother's historic trip to Washington.

Another Mississippi presence at the inauguration is Jackson State University senior Tiffany Edmondson. She is one of 15 student reporters recruited by the PBS Newshour. Edmondson is finishing her last class at JSU, and already working in Washington, DC. She tells us how she got involved with the project for PBS.
2 - Everyday Technology: All you ever wanted to know about defragmenting your hard drive. 
3 - Schools around the country are closed today in remembrance of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. But schools in the Deep South are also remembering General Robert E. Lee.  Mississippi, Arkansas, Georgia and Alabama all roll the holidays together and leave it to schools to communicate the confusing marriage to students. MPB’s Southern Education Desk reporter, Annie Gilbertson, reports one school renamed combination  “Heritage Day.”
Plus, more of Annie Gilbertson's conversation with Sen. Hillman Frazier.

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