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Monday, 1/20

Air date 01/20/14
Segment 1:
The Tupelo man who mailed poison-laced letters to President Barack Obama is awaiting sentencing this morning, after pleading guilty in Federal Court on Friday.   James Everett Dutschke pleaded guilty to mailing ricin-tainted letters to the President, US Senator Roger Wicker of Mississippi, and County Judge Sadie Holland.  The 42-year old former martial arts instructor from Tupelo had originally devised the ricin scheme in order to land a personal enemy in prison, Tupelo-based Elvis impersonator Paul Kevin Curtis.    Attorney Ken Coghlan represents Dutschke in his federal case.
Attorney Christi McCoy represents Paul Kevin Curtis - the man James Everett Dutschke now admits to setting-up.  McCoy tells MPB's Sandra Knispel her client isn't ruling out a lawsuit.
A new tenant will move into the Port of Gulfport on March 1st,  the first new marine lease signed at the port in 15 years. MPB's Evelina Burnett reports.
Segment 2:
Charlayne Hunter-Gault grew up in the Jim Crow South.  But when she announced her dream of becoming a reporter - just like her comic book heroine  - her mother supported her dream.  Hunter-Gault spoke with MPB's Ezra Wall about her journey out from Jim Crow South Carolina, later covering apartheid in South Africa.
Segment 3:
When Charlayne Hunter-Gault first told her mother of her dream to be a reporter, her mother didn't discourage her.  With that encouragement, Hunter-Gault became the first black woman to enroll at the University of Georgia, became a reporter, and eventually covered the groundbreaking presidency of the late Nelson Mandela in South Africa.  She talks with our Ezra Wall about comparing Jim Crow to Apartheid.

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