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Thurs, Jan. 10th: Flu Still Strong

Air date 01/10/13

1- It has been an active year for the flu, according to Dr. Thomas Dobbs of the State Department of Health. He spoke with MPB's Ezra Wall about how the Department tracks the flu, and what you can do to avoid it.  Dr. Will Sorey is a pediatrician, and says parents should be especially careful during flu season. He also spoke to our Ezra Wall.

2 - Following the pre-holiday Connecticut school shooting and concerns of tighter gun restrictions coming from Washington, firearm sales and concealed carry permit applications have been on the rise in Mississippi and across the nation. Cliff Cargill is a certified NRA firearms instructor. He spoke with MPB's Daniel Cherry, saying stricter gun laws are not the solution he prefers.
3 - A well-known Mississippi political analyst is sounding the alarm about the danger of drugs and suicide in Mississippi teens and young adults. Andy Taggart's son, Brad, committed suicide last summer following a year of heavy drug use.  Taggart shared his story with MPB's Jeffrey Hess.
Web Exclusive: This segment includes audio of Mr. Taggart reading the note left by his son, Brad, before Brad took  his own life. 
4 - The number of Latino students is on the rise across the south. In Georgia, Latino students make up eight percent of the state’s 18 to 24-year-olds, but just four percent of the state’s college enrollment. Now, colleges and universities around the state are making a concerted effort to recruit more Hispanic students -- and help make sure they succeed after they enroll. Maura Walz from the Southern Education Desk at Georgia Public Broadcasting reports.

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