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Wed, Jan. 9th: Legislature Opens

Air date 01/09/13

1 - Mississippi lawmakers have officially gaveled in the three-month session that's expected to focus largely on education. MPB's Jeffrey Hess spoke to several lawmakers and asked them what they expect from the 2013 Session.

2 - A new study says nearly 3,000 Mississippi community college students lost their Pell Grant eligibility in the 2012 Fall semester. And more than 7,000 more students are likely to be next. Dr. Steve Katsinas, is Director of the Education Policy Center at the University of Alabama. He spoke with MPB's Daniel Cherry about the new study.
3 - The NCAA Basketball season is well underway. Some Mississippi teams have already begun playing their conference rivals. For others, the conference schedule begins this week. MPB's Jay White spoke with Ezra Wall, and says there are a couple of teams that stand out from the others so far.

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