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Wednesday, 01/08

Air date 01/08/14
Segment 1:
The 2014 legislative session is officially underway in Mississippi's capitol. Prison reform, public safety and education funding are expected to be the hottest issues of the 90 day session.  MPB Capitol Reporter Jeffrey Hess caught up with several legislators and asked them about their hopes for this session.  We'll hear from House Minority Leader, Democrat Bobby Moak, democratic Senator Kelvin Butler, Republican Senator Michael Watson and Republican Representative Mark Formby.
Segment 2:
Critics of Common Core Educational Standards are again calling on legislators to overturn the Department of Educations ongoing implementation of the program. Nearly one hundred of them gathered in the second floor rotunda of the Capitol for the first day of the new legislative session claiming the standards are a hostile takeover of the state's educational system, and that they do not do enough to lead students into science or math heavy careers.  Among those gathered was Republican Senator Angela Hill.  She spoke with MPB's Paul Boger.
Segment 3:
For college basketball teams in Mississippi, conference play begins this week.  MPB's Jay White talks with our Ezra Wall about who looks good - and who could use some work.
Segment 4:
At the ripe age of 81, most of us would sit back and relax. Not so for blues and gospel musician Leo Welch from Bruce in northeast Mississippi. He just released his very first album. MPB’s Sandra Knispel has his story.

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