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Tue, Jan. 8th: Legislature

Air date 01/08/13

1 - Today marks the beginning of the twelve-week 2013 Legislative Session. Lieutenant Governor Tate Reeves, leader of the Republican-controlled Senate, spoke to journalists at a luncheon in Jackson yesterday.

2 - Both chambers of the State Legislature are controlled by Republicans. But Mississippi Democrats are still eager to influence the 2013 session. Brandon Jones is executive director of the Mississippi Democratic Trust, a non-profit organization created to promote democratic ideas in Mississippi. He tells MPB's Ezra Wall about the Democrats' legislative priorities.
3 - Workplace 101 - Navigating tough interview questions.
4 - A group of Mississippi hospitals, and public health advocates are calling on state lawmakers to expand the Medicaid program in accordance with a new Federal healthcare law.  The group is called the Mississippi Healthcare Access Coalition. Roy Mitchell of the Mississippi Health Advocacy Program is part of the coalition. He spoke with MPB's Jeffrey Hess.

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