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Friday, 1/3

Air date 01/03/14
Segment 1:
An estimated 13,000 Mississippians have had their long-term unemployment benefits dropped. The payments for those residents ended December 28th because congress did not extend the long term unemployment program. Ed Sivac with the Mississippi Economic Policy Center says that number will grow through out the year.  He spoke with MPB's Jeffrey Hess.
With the 2014 legislative session beginning next week, funding for Mississippi's Adequate Education Program may prove to be a key issue. MPB's Paul Boger reports one proposal funds the program's budget at current levels.
Segment 2:
It often takes many years for significant results to come from major long-term medical studies.  But after less than two decades, the medical community is already starting to see results from the Jackson Heart Study.  The Study is the first of its kind to take a long-term look into the heart health of a broad spectrum of African-Americans.  It's outgoing director, Dr. Herman Taylor, talked about what the Jackson Heart Study has already accomplished.
We've spent part of this week looking at New Year's Resolutions from different perspectives.  Our experts have talked a lot about setting reasonable weight-loss goals, and how to stop smoking if "Cold Turkey" isn't a good option for you.   Well, The United Way of South Mississippi has another resolution it would like you to add to your New Year's list: volunteering. MPB’s Evelina Burnett explains. 
Segment 3:
We bid a fond farewell to longtime contributor, film critic Anita Modak-Truran.  Anita has been a regular on Mississippi Edition since its beginning in early 2008.  Prior to that she regularly contributed film reviews in various commentary programs on the station.  We will surely miss her! 

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