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Thurs, Jan. 3rd: Fiscal Cliff

Air date 01/03/12

1 - The passage of a deal to avoid the `fiscal cliff'  has split Mississippi's republican congressmen and senators. All three republican representatives voted against the plan while both republican Senators voted for it. Senator Roger Wicker spoke with MPB's Jeffrey Hess. Senator Wicker explained why he thought the compromise was worthwhile.

2 - Contrary to their Senate counterparts, House Republicans from Mississippi all voted against the Fiscal Cliff compromise. First, 3rd-district Representative Gregg Harper tells Jeffrey Hess why he cast his vote against the deal.  Our Jeffrey Hess also spoke with Congressman Steven Palazzo from the 4th District. Palazzo explains why he voted "no".
Also voting "no" was 1st District Representative Alan Nunnelee.
In favor of the compromise was Mississippi's lone Democratic Representative, Bennie Thompson of the 2nd District. 
3 - It's too soon to know exactly how the Fiscal Cliff deal will effect Mississippi's economy, says State Economist Dr. Darin Webb. But he says economic growth in Mississippi is slow enough that even the small payroll tax increase could have a detrimental effect

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