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Tuesday, October 29

Air date 10/29/13

A federal judge is blocking an executive order from Governor Phil Bryant from taking effect today. MPB’s Jeffrey Hess reports the Governor had attempted to intervene in a contract dispute between the state's largest insurer and a group of ten hospitals.

Interest in Mississippi's first state-funded, voluntary Pre-Kindergarten program is strong. According to the State Department of Education, 72 groups have filed letters of intent to apply for the more than 1,300 spots available statewide. Jennie Sturgis is the Director of Noah's Ark Daycare Center in Jackson. She says pre-kindergarten programs and other early childhood learning centers like her's need additional funding.  Sturgis spoke with MPB's Paul Boger, along with State Senator Brice Wiggins, who wrote the bill allowing limited state funding of certain pre-kindergarten programs.  He tells Boger he's excited about the interest in the program.

About 1,500 people died from a stroke last year in Mississippi. That's the third highest death rate from stroke in the nation.  We actually lead the way in incidents of stroke overall.  So leading health providers want to make sure everyone knows the warning signs of stroke.  Dr. Ruth Fredericks is director of the Stroke Program at Saint Dominick Hospital in Jackson.  She spoke with MPB's Ezra Wall.

Workplace 101 offers valuable career development advice.

For many years, viewers of the Weather Channel have seen Jackson native Vivian Brown dutifully delivering the midday forecast.  But when Brown was a meteorology student at Jackson State University, she had no intention of being on TV.  Vivian Brown took a break from her Founders Day activities at JSU to talk with our Ezra Wall about...what else?.... the weather...

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