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Tuesday, April 2: $200 Million Bond Bill Approved, MS Supreme Court Takes Up New Case

Air date 04/01/13

On this episode of Mississippi Edition: Mississippi lawmakers have approved adding $200 million dollars to the state's credit card for a variety of projects. We discuss which projects made the cut and which did not. 

Also, the MIssissippi Supreme Court takes up a case involving Nina Buckhalter, a woman who gave birth to a stillborn baby. She was arrested at the time because the authorities alleged she abused drugs during her pregnancy. A Lamar County judge dismissed the case, but the District Attorney there has appealed to the Supreme Court. The case goes before the court today.  We talk with Robert McDuff, a Jackson attorney representing Nina Buckhalter. 

With the help of MPB's Southern Education Desk Reporter Annie Gilbertson, two inner-city Jackson high school seniors, Ryan Lishman and Khari Johnson, travel to a wealthy, primarily white school in Madison. The two boys find better schools can still be determined by one's race or class. They start their journey in a car and travel 15 miles away to the suburb.


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