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Medgar Evers Remembered

50 years ago, Medgar Evers was murdered in his driveway in Jackson, Mississippi. As a civil rights activist, he fought for change in the Jim Crow south as the NAACP Field Secretary for Mississippi. To commemorate his life and death, each day starting May 28th, Mississippi Public Broadcasting will air a new interstitial segment that tells the story of Medgar Evers and his everlasting impact on Mississippi and the civil rights landscape in the south.

  • Air date 06/21/13
    Episode #25
    Fifty years after his death, Medgar Evers is not forgotten.
  • Air date 06/20/13
    Episode #24
    The man suspected of killing Medgar Evers was free for over 25 years.
  • Air date 06/19/13
    Episode #23
    In the years following Medgar Evers’ murder, things began to change.
  • Air date 06/18/13
    Episode #22
    Medgar Evers’ brother Charles took over as field secretary with the NAACP.
  • Air date 06/17/13
    Episode #21
    Medgar Evers’ casket traveled by train to Washington, DC.
  • Air date 06/16/13
    Episode #20
    As Medgar Evers’ hearse made its way from the service to the funeral home, several thousand mourners followed.
  • Air date 06/15/13
    Episode #19
    Medgar Evers’ funeral was held on Saturday, June 15, in Jackson.
  • Air date 06/14/13
    Episode #18
    The night after Medgar Evers was assassinated, his widow spoke at mass meeting that had already been planned.
  • Air date 06/13/13
    Episode #17
    The bullet that killed Medgar Evers passed through his chest AND through his home before it finally stopped in the kitchen.