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Episode #004

Unique Manufacturing

Air date 01/27/11 | CC
Host: Kerri Courtney

Host Kerri Courtney visits Peavey Electronics in Meridian and Viking Range Corporation in Greenwood to find out more about the different products made at these companies and what skills are needed for their employees. She stops by Mississippi Delta Community College in Morehead to lean about their welding and electrical programs. Courtney also goes by La-Z-Boy South in Newton and PFG Precision Optics, Inc. in Ocean Springs where she learns that both companies offer in-house training for their employees.



Mississippi Delta Community College
Mississippi Delta Community College Career Programs provide one or two years of career education and skills training in many fields including – Automotive Mechanics, Industrial Electricity, Machine Tool Operating, and Welding.


Peavey Electronics
Peavey Electronics has been in business in Meridian for over 45 years. Peavey produces more than 2,000 products (musical instruments and professional sound equipment) sold in 137 countries and has earned more than 180 patents worldwide.

Viking Range Corporation
Viking Range Corporation began as a sketch on a napkin over dinner one evening and has grown from ovens to refrigerators to cutlery. Viking has products in North America as well as over 80 other countries throughout the world.

La-Z-Boy South
La-Z-Boy South was born in 1927 by two cousins who created a reclining back chair. Over the years La-Z-Boy expanded beyond recliners and now offers furniture in all shapes and sizes. La-Z-Boy in Newton creates 1,000-1,110 recliners each day.

PFG Precision Optics, Inc.
PFG Precision Optics, Inc. has been creating lenses, optics, and optical coating for over 30 years. Precision Optics offers on the job training for their employees.