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Episode #003

Heavy Manufacturing

Air date 01/20/11 | CC
Host: Kerri Courtney

Host Kerri Courtney visits Caterpillar in Corinth, Severstal North America, Inc. in Columbus, and Taylor Machine Works in Louisville, Miss., to find out about the different careers available and what skills are needed for those jobs. She also stops by Northeast Mississippi Community College in Booneville to learn about their Industrial Maintenance Technology program and how to train for a career in heavy manufacturing.




Northeast Mississippi Community College (NMCC)
Lifetime skills are developed and nearly perfected through a variety of exceptional industrial programs. This campus is the core of education in the northeast region for engineers looking for a fast-paced focus in Electronics, Instrumentation, Business, Science and more. 


Corinth, Mississippi is the hub for one of the leaders in construction and mining products. Caterpillar’s mission is to maximize your project and meet your needs with an extensive global network from the ground up.

Severstal North America, Inc. 
Severstal North America, Inc., is one of the most advanced steel mills literally full of fire. They give consumers high-quality,flat rolled carbon steel. After a recent expansion in 2011, they have increased annual melt capacity to 3.4 million tons. Severstal meets the needs not only in mill manufacturing, but in state of the art equipment, environment conservation and customer service.

Taylor Machine Works 
Taylor Machine Workswill tailoryour entire industrial equipment to fit your needs. Forklifts and other handling gear can bear over 16,000 to 120,000 lbs to cater your forestry, transportation and all other needs.