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Episode #002

Aerospace Manufacturing

Air date 01/13/11 | CC
Host: Kerri Courtney

Host Kerri Courtney visits Lockheed Martin Assembly Plant in Meridian and learns about the employees schooling and their partnership with Meridian Community College to train potential employees. Courtney travels to Columbus to visit American Eurocopter and Stark Aerospace. During her visit to American Eurocopter, Courtney learns about the different positions and benefits available at Eurocopter and the skill sets that are needed for these jobs. While at Stark, she learns about the many job opportunities within this UAV manufacturer. Courtney also finds out about a composite course offered at East Mississippi Community College’s Golden Triangle campus to train employees at Stark. She takes a ride to Eaton Corporation in Jackson and finds out about the different job opportunities available throughout the aerospace organization.



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Meridian Community College (MMC) 
Meridian Community College is big enough to compete with entry-level jobs with top-notch skill and precision. MMC is small enough to make sure that every student is never just a number in a classroom. Hands-on training in nearly every course from Pharmacy to Law Enforcement gives students a vision to get their hands dirty in the work force and their communities.

East Mississippi Community College (EMMC) Golden Triangle Campus
East Mississippi Community CollegeGolden Triangle Campus is empowering entrepreneurs and electricians. EMCC is focused on leadership in every arena. The Workforce Service team is passionate to work with students and real employees to strive for the best. From their Naval Air Base in Meridian to the Golden Triangle, they offer quality information and technology to the many corners of Mississippi. 



Lockheed Martin Assembly Plant
Lockheed Martin Assembly Plantis a focal point for all things Aerospace and Defense. Lockheed has handled tactical communications systems, unmanned aircrafts, naval, radar and weapon systems. New capabilities are emerging and with a strong team of innovators, today Lockheed’s workforce looks to the challenges and answers of tomorrow.

American Eurocopter
American Eurocopteris one of the leading helicopter manufacturers for the U.S. military, law enforcement and civilians. Today there are over 1,800 rotary wing aircrafts in the air operated by hundreds of U.S. citizens. For business or pleasure, Columbus, Mississippi is home to the silent stealth EC120 light single and the best-selling AS350 AS-tar turbine single helicopter. They are created with skill and safety, but flown with adrenaline.

Stark Aerospace
Stark Aerospacemanages a powerful trio: Engineering, Unmanned Aerial Systems, and Electro-Optic Sensors.This defense contractor is located in Columbus, Mississippi, but reaches worldwide services. They provide a challenging work environment with payment that helps security on a national level.

Eaton Corporation
Eaton Corporationcreates power and embodies precision with their aerospace products. Eaton replenishes materials for automotive, electrical and filtration systems. Cutting edge designs for trucking and fuel systems make them admired, but it is Eaton’s desire to be an influence.