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Listen to The Gestalt Gardener Friday mornings at 9 and Saturday mornings at 10 on MPB Think Radio. Each week, horticulturalist Felder Rushing shares stories, answers questions and just talks gardening. Of course, you’ll hear a bit of “cheesy music” in every program and you might hear a bad joke or two as well. The Gestalt Gardener is a long-time favorite on MPB Think Radio, due in no small part to Felder’s laid-back, your-neighbors-might-talk-but-so-what approach to gardening. Email Felder anytime at and listen Friday mornings at 9 and Saturday mornings at 10 to The Gestalt Gardener on MPB Think Radio. And in the meantime, as Felder says, get out and get dirty.

  • Your calls with Felder image
    Excerpt () | Air date 07/18/14
    Felder talks to his friend Tom Mann about is garden woes.
  • Felder chats gardening! image
    Excerpt () | Air date 07/11/14
    Bob Brzuszek is in the MPB studio for a chat about gardening!
  • The Farmers Market image
    Excerpt () | Air date 07/04/14
    A stroll through the Farmers Market.
  • What's in your Garden? image
    Excerpt () | Air date 06/27/14
    Felder talks Vicksburg
  • He's baaaaack! image
    Excerpt () | Air date 06/13/14
    Felder is in studio for your questions.
  • Digging in image
    Excerpt () | Air date 06/06/14
    The fruits of your labor.
  • Slow Gardening image
    Excerpt () | Air date 05/30/14
    Feldertalks to his good friend Beverly Welch.
  • Earl Grey or sweet? image
    Excerpt () | Air date 05/23/14
    Today Felder Rushing answers your calls from merry olde England.
  • Mississippi from afar. image
    Excerpt () | Air date 05/16/14
    Felder answers your questions from England.
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