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Episode #201

Fish Tacos

Air date 04/18/13
Host: Rob Stinson

Chef Rob returns to the “Fit to Eat” kitchen in the Season 2 premiere. To kick off the season, Stinson cooks fish tacos with hot corn bean relish using Mississippi Gulf Coast fish (trout) and locally-grown corn. Everything from this episode is made from scratch, even the salsa that Rob uses to accompany the meal.

Using practical ingredients and simple techniques, Chef Rob creates this delicious and healthy meal in about 30 minutes.

Recipes include MS Gulf Coast fish, locally grown veggies such as corn, bell peppers, and tomatoes, and interesting ingredients such as applesauce in this tasty dinner dish. Rob uses whole grain tortillas as opposed to flour tortillas for a healthier twist, and also uses zero fat cooking spray in every dish as an alternative to butter.