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Will a cell phone that fell in water still work?  How can you tell if it’s safe to shop on a certain website?  With the fast-paced and ever-evolving world of technology, it’s practically impossible to tackle it all alone, so Everyday Tech is here to help you navigate it all!  What began as a short segment on MPB’s Mississippi Edition has now evolved into an hour-long conversation with our valued listeners. From computer viruses to cell phone batteries to your social media accounts, MPB’s Digital Media Director Ashley Jefcoat and Digital Media Specialist Kristian Weatherspoon are here to answer your everyday questions about your everyday technology. With delightful hosts and calls from our viewers, Everyday Tech proves to be both helpful and enlightening in the world of technology. Tune in Wednesday mornings at 10 on MPB Think Radio!

  • On the air. image
    Excerpt () | Air date 07/23/14
    Radios- HD, Satellite, Internet and more!
  • Browsing safely image
    Excerpt () | Air date 07/16/14
    Answers to your general tech questions!
  • Vacation Tech image
    Excerpt () | Air date 07/09/14
    Vacationing and travelling with tech devices!
  • Open Topic Day image
    Excerpt () | Air date 06/25/14
    Jay, Ashley and listeners answer questions
  • Which one fits me? image
    Excerpt () | Air date 06/18/14
    Laptop? Tablet? Phablet? ...Phablet?
  • Keeping them safe image
    Excerpt () | Air date 06/11/14
    Kids, parental controls, and technology!
  • Staying safe at home image
    Excerpt () | Air date 06/04/14
    Do you have a home security system?
  • Charge it! image
    Excerpt () | Air date 05/28/14
    Keep your mobile devices charged!
  • Fanboys...and girls. image
    Excerpt () | Air date 05/21/14
    iPhones vs. Androids! Which are better?