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Check out Creature Comforts on MPB Think Radio! Each week, Libby Hartfield, Director of the Mississippi Museum of Natural Science brings a specialist into the studio to answer your questions about various animals we see in Mississippi. And of course, Dr. Troy Majure, a veterinarian at the Animal Medical Center of Jackson answers your pet questions. Each week, you’ll learn more about the animals that live in our homes and the animals who live in the world around us. You’ll also find out more about family-friendly exhibits and events at the Mississippi Museum of Natural Science in Jackson. Email your pet and animal questions to and listen to Creature Comforts Thursday mornings at 9 on MPB Think Radio.

  • Pet Day image
    Excerpt () | Air date 08/28/14
    Dr. Troy Majure answers ALL your pet questions on PET DAY!!
  • Traveling Pets image
    Excerpt () | Air date 08/21/14
    How to travel with your pets. What type of cage or carrier do you need to fly with your pet?
  • State parks image
    Excerpt () | Air date 08/14/14
    Should you train your pet or pay someone else to train them?
  • Fish Fishing image
    Excerpt () | Air date 08/07/14
    Can you grow your own fish to eat?
  • Fish and Wildlife Management image
    Excerpt () | Air date 07/31/14
    Are you thinking about getting your child their first pet?
  • Fossils image
    Excerpt () | Air date 07/24/14
    Have dinosaurs ever been found in Mississippi?
  • Insects in Mississippi image
    Excerpt () | Air date 07/17/14
    What insects are the mostly deadly to humans?
  • Spiders! image
    Excerpt () | Air date 07/03/14
    Discussion is about our 8-legged friend, the spider.
  • Shooting nature, pictures image
    Excerpt () | Air date 06/26/14
    A photobiologist that specializes in reptiles and amphibians.

Send us a picture of your pet and they'll be displayed in our gallery, like the Louvre for fur and feathers. Take the tour.


Salamanders and frogs, do you know what's in your backyard? Check out these photographs, taken by Tom Mann, a zoologist with the Mississippi Department of Wildlife.

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