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Episode #112

Episode 112

Air date 06/24/11
Host: Jacky Jack White
Guest(s): Julia Donald, J. Burton Fuller, The Baritones, Sucarnochee Stage Hands

The Baritonesperform the classic songs “Hi, Neighbor,” “Take Me Out To The Ball Game,” “Sh-Boom” and “Under The Boardwalk.” J. Burton Fuller sings “My Blue Heaven” and “Singing The Blues.”  The Sucarnochee Stage Hands harmonize on “In The Still Of The Night.” Julia Donald stretches her lungs on “Crazy” and “Yodeling At The Grand Ole Opry.”



"Hi, Neighbor" -- The Baritones

"Take Me Out To The Ballgame" -- The Baritones

"My Blue Heaven" -- J. Burton Fuller

"Singing The Blues" -- J. Burton Fuller

"In The Still Of The Night" -- Sucarnochee Stage Hands

"I’m A Fool To Care" -- J. Burton Fuller

"Crazy" -- Julia Donald

"Yodeling At The Grand Ole Opry" -- Julia Donald

"Sh Boom Life Could Be A Dream" -- The Baritones

"Under The Boardwalk" -- The Baritones