• Higher Education Could See Funding Changes
    Published by Daniel Cherry on 03 Mar 2011 08:16am | Listen Now

    Higher education could be seeing a new model for how it's funded in Mississippi. The legislature is deciding whether to allow an education committee to review different ways to allocate money among universities. MPB's Daniel Cherry reports on how the bill could make a big difference in the state. 

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  • Mississippi Democrats Face Tough Election Season
    Published by Daniel Cherry on 02 Mar 2011 02:35pm | Listen Now

    Democrats in Mississippi will not contest Republicans in elections for three statewide offices, and now the deadline to field candidates is passed. MPB's Daniel Cherry takes a look at what Democrats are facing in election season. 

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  • High Tech Industries Bolster Economic Confidence
    Published by Jeffrey Hess on 02 Mar 2011 12:55pm | Listen Now

    Mississippi's economic and legislative leaders are expressing growing optimism about the future of the state's economy. MPB's Jeffrey Hess reports the addition of new, high tech industries are driving the positive trend... 

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  • Governor Barbour testifies before U.S. House Energy and Commerce Committee
    Published by Teresa Collier on 02 Mar 2011 12:17pm | Listen Now

    Governor Haley Barbour was in Washington calling on the federal government to rethink its plans for Medicaid. Elizabeth Wynne Johnson explains. 

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  • Middle East Protests Hit Home
    Published by Daniel Cherry on 02 Mar 2011 07:43am | Listen Now

    Political unrest in the Middle East continues to escalate as people in the area seek their own freedoms and democracy, but for some here in Mississippi it's a topic of conversation and concern. MPB's Daniel Cherry tells us more about what the revolutions overseas could mean for us at home 

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  • Experts Discuss Food in Mississippi
    Published by Daniel Cherry on 01 Mar 2011 07:55am | Listen Now

    We all need air, water, and food to survive, but for Mississippians food is also the cause for many of the state's biggest health concerns. The state is the worst in the nation in obesity rates, but Mississippi also has more hunger than any other state. MPB's Daniel Cherry talks to some experts about the future of the state's food related problems. 

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  • Mississippi Religious Leaders Urge Opposition To Immigration Bill
    Published by Jeffrey Hess on 01 Mar 2011 07:31am | Listen Now

    A group of Mississippi Christian leaders is asking the legislature not to approve and Arizona-style immigration law. MPB's Jeffrey Hess reports that Mississippi law makers could see an updated bill as soon as this week. 

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  • Mississippi Union Workers Support Wisconsin Union Protests
    Published by Jeffrey Hess on 28 Feb 2011 09:57am | Listen Now

    Mississippi union workers are showing solidarity with the protesters in Wisconsin. About 60 union workers rallied at the capitol in Jackson yesterday. MPB's Jeffrey Hess reports that public workers in Mississippi already have fewer protections than workers in Wisconsin.

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  • Immigration Activists Threaten Lawsuits Following Weekend Sweep
    Published by Jeffrey Hess on 23 Feb 2011 12:36pm | Listen Now

    Immigration Activists in Mississippi are considering filing lawsuits against the federal government following a weekend immigration sweep. MPB's Jeffrey Hess reports that nearly 60 illegal immigrants have been arrested in the four day sweep in Central Mississippi.

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  • New RNC Chairman Lays Out Vision In Jackson
    Published by Jeffrey Hess on 22 Feb 2011 09:33am | Listen Now

    The new chairman of the Republican National Committee says he wants a Republican in the White House in 2012. RNC Chairman Reince Priebus came to the Magnolia state on Tuesday, and MPB's Jeffrey Hess reports on his vision for the party.

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  • Ex-State Employees Claim Improper Firing
    Published by Jeffrey Hess on 21 Feb 2011 12:48pm | Listen Now

    A group of former state workers is claiming that they were improperly fired following last year's budget cuts. MPB's Jeffrey Hess reports that the employees worked at a state run reform school for troubled youths.

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  • Feinberg: New Rules For Oil Spill Payments
    Published by Jeffrey Hess on 18 Feb 2011 12:58pm | Listen Now

    New rules are now in place to help speed up the claims process for thousands of Mississippians affected by the Gulf oil spill. MPB's Jeffrey Hess reports the man in charge of the BP oil spill fund made the changes after numerous complaints.

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  • Community Colleges Call for More Funding
    Published by Jeffrey Hess on 17 Feb 2011 01:07pm | Listen Now

    Students and faculty members from Mississippi's 15 community colleges are urging state lawmakers to increase funding for their schools. But as MPB's Jeffrey Hess reports, an early vote in the Senate keeps funding level from the current fiscal year.

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  • House Approves Money and Location for Civil Rights Museum
    Published by Jeffrey Hess on 16 Feb 2011 01:25pm | Listen Now

    Downtown Jackson could be the new home of a Mississippi Civil Right Museum. MPB's Jeffrey Hess reports on the first of many votes about the future of the museum.

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  • Legal and Religious Scholars Debate Immigration
    Published by Jeffrey Hess on 14 Feb 2011 01:46pm | Listen Now

    Legal and religious scholars debate the approach Mississippi should take to deal with the issue of illegal immigration. MPB's Jeffrey Hess reports on recent panel discussion about ethics and immigration at the Mississippi College of Law in Jackson.

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