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You Still Have Time to Mail that Special Holiday Package

By Lawayne Childrey | Published 16 Dec 2010 07:35am | comments
Getting holiday cards and packages delivered can be a monumental task for postal workers

Thousands of Mississippians are making the mad dash to get their holiday cards and packages mailed to their loved ones. And as MPB's Lawayne Childrey reports the US Postal service can guarantee that it gets there on time.

At the Lefleur post office in Jackson the sounds of Christmas are everywhere.

A long line of people patiently wait to have their letters and packages shipped to loved ones near and far. But the pressure of the season is finally getting to one young lady who is adorned in a beautiful red holiday sweater but wishes to remain anonymous.

"Yeah, every year, I have good intentions and every year I end up doing the same thing rushing and scrambling to get things done on time. But you know hope springs eternal maybe next year right?

With Christmas just over a week away Doug Kyle with the US Postal Service in Mississippi says Unfortunately this young lady is not alone.

"People are creatures of habit they will get all their stuff ready over the weekend, sit at the kitchen table on Sunday afternoon and get all their greeting cards ready to go and all that goes in the mail on Monday."

Kyle predicts that MONDAY will be the beginning of the postal service’s busiest week of the entire year.

"The Jackson plant for example, they're looking to cancel first class letters, over 600 thousand that day which is double an average Monday. Then Wednesday is when we see the heaviest delivery day, all that mail gets through the system to most of its destinations."

While mail carriers struggle to get cards and packages to their destinations in time for Christmas, Kyle says express mail is the one true way to guarantee delivery even on Christmas Day.

"We've got people that come in every year and schedule their shipment to be delivered on Christmas day. Especially those that can’t go and be with family. And its almost like we're their proxy, we show up on Christmas day with their Christmas gifts and we deliver them for them."

This year Post offices are also offering flat rate pricing and online shipping where they will pick up packages from your home. Lawayne Childrey MPB News.


Getting holiday cards and packages delivered can be a monumental task for postal workers



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