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Whose Running to Replace Palazzo?

By Jeffrey Hess | Published 07 Jan 2011 09:26am | comments

A crowded field is lining up to replace Steven Palazzo in the Mississippi House. MPB's Jeffrey Hess as a preview of the race with a few of the candidates.

There are 8 names on the ballot for the 116th district seat, left vacant when Steven Palazzo won a seat in Congress.

There is a consensus among the candidates that jobs and the economy are the top issues in the race. Casey Eure is a former Sheriff's Deputy and District Director for the Public Service Commission.

"We have a lot to offer in our state. But at the same time we have to protect the private sector jobs we have now. We can't afford to lose any jobs. We have got to go forward and create new jobs and get new jobs," Eure said.

Jim Atchison is businessman who is taking his first run at politics. He highlights another top issue in the coastal district, home insurance rates.

"Being in the real estate business, I am seeing people losing their homes or selling their homes with no place to go because they can't afford the insurance premiums. So that is a big issue," Atchison said.

The only woman in the race is Jess Hogue, a teacher and a political new comer . She agrees that the economy is tops but it is her role as a mother that drives her top concern.

"I have five kids in the public schools. So that is a very special thing and it is very close to my heart to make sure that education is funded in the right way and we put the money in the right places," Hogue said.

While insurances rates are a big concern for south Mississippi voters, redistricting is also a major issue this year that is where Travis Burke wants to make the biggest impact.

"And every day that we don't have representative in Jackson is a day that we get closer to losing representation in south Mississippi," Burke said.

Other candidates in the race are Jamie Creel, Quentin Lyles, Chuck Stein, and Todd Echelberry. All candidates will be listed in alphabetical order without party affiliation.

Polls open tuesday at 7.




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