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Water Receding in Parts of Vicksburg But Residents Still on Hold

By Daniel Cherry | Published 25 May 2011 01:51pm | comments
Water is dropping in Vicksburg leaving debris behind

Some residents hit by flooding in north Mississippi will be able to return home soon, but further south, it could be much longer. MPB's Daniel Cherry reports how residents in Vicksburg are having to be patient as the river slowly falls.

The water in Vicksburg is still about a dozen feet over flood stage. Charles Atkins is the fire chief in Vicksburg. He says some people there are trying to go home far too soon.

"We reached the crest May 19th, and I guess for whatever reason, becuase we've met the crest and the water starts to go down a little bit, they think they can go back to their houses. That's not the case."

On top of a hill along Highway 61 Commercial in North Vicksburg four generations of Sandefords are living in campers until the water goes back down.

"I was born a raised there. It's kind of like home, but I've got five kids so it's hard to put them through that every year. I think for the past four years we've had water every year" says Michael Sandeford.

Sandeford's family has been displaced for over a month living in the campers. The first place where they evacuated was also flooded. He says he now wants to take the FEMA buyout and move away from the river.

Lt. Colonel Greg Raimondo with the Army Corps of Engineers says the river narrows at Vicksburg and Natchez, and that slows down the flow of the water.

"The bathtub was filled with a firehose instead of a faucet, and it still has to go out that same drain. And that's what we're talking about. It's going to drain just as slow as the river will allow it to."

The Corps estimates the river won't get below flood stage until mid June. Residents of Vicksburg will just have to wait.


Water is dropping in Vicksburg leaving debris behind



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