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Vicksburg Shelter Takes in Dozens of Animals Stranded By the Flood

By Jeffrey Hess | Published 18 May 2011 04:02pm | comments
A flood chicken paces its cage.

The Mississippi River is expected to crest in Vicksburg today...but humans aren't the only ones affected by the record flooding. MPB's Jeffrey Hess reports that the Warren County Humane Society has taken in dozens of animals as their owners flee the rising waters.

The flood water is pushing thousands of people from their homes, and some of those people have pets and live stock they simply cannot take with them.

The Vicksburg-Warren Humane Society is full of nervous pets whose owners need a temporary shelter for them while they deal with the flood.

Humane Society president Georgia Lynn says they are caring for dozens of cats, dogs, goats, horses and even chickens displaced by the flood.

"We don't charge anybody for these services, even during Hurricane Katrina and all the hurricanes, people bring their pets here and we don't charge. It is a natural disaster and everybody is displaced, and we just try to do it to help out people," Lynn said.

Lynn is relying on donations and volunteers to care for the increase in animals.

The crates and cages inside the shelter are full of cats and dogs and their owners often come to visit. Billy June Woods scratches at three house cats who belong to her sister whose home is threatened by the flood.

"It was very, very difficult for her to leave them. Her husband passed away three years ago this January and so it just been her and her pets and you know how attached you can get to them," Woods said.

Woods says she checks in on the cats to play with them and report on their condition to comfort her sister.

Not all the animals at the shelter are pets.

The flood water is rising into Chris Roseveare's front yard. That is where he found a dog and her litter of two month old puppies trying to escape the creeping flood.

"So we just kind of cleaned them up and tried to take care of them. We love animals anyway and we have dogs of our own. We just tried to get them so that way we could find them homes," Roseveare said.

Roseveare quickly found homes for all but three of the puppies and their mother.

He had to take them to the shelter because he is busy making plans to protect his own family and their three dogs in case the flood water rises into his home.


A flood chicken paces its cage.



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