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University of Southern Mississippi Fighting to Keep Military Training Program

By Paul Boger | Published 14 Oct 2013 10:45am | comments
The University of Southern Mississippi's ROTC -- or Reserve Officer's Training Corps, the program that trains future Army officers -- may be forced to close by May of 2015. That's according to officials at the University. 
16 ROTC programs around the country are slated to close, including the one at the University of Southern Mississippi
The University is fighting the decision, and asking Mississippi's Congressional delegation to intervene.
Van Arnold is with USM.
"We intend to solicit help from our Congressional delegation in Washington to help with this." said Arnold. "We've got Governor Phil Bryant to address this. So we are doing everything in our power to hopefully reverse this decision."
Governor Phil Bryant has sent a letter to Army officials asking them to reconsider.
"We are trying to find out why Mississippi has been targeted for termination." said Bryant. "Particularly at the University of Southern Mississippi to end the ROTC program there, which supplies lieutenants to our Mississippi National Guard. So we're going to push hard against that cut."
USM's program is the only one in the state scheduled to close. Since 1951, the program has produced more than 1,500 graduates, including 16 generals.




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